Our world in tweets

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, allowing us to share thoughts and media about the trends that we feel matter most. This has generated loads of data on what people all over the world are passionate about. We collected just a sliver of what's possible in Twitter data to see what people cared about most in November 2022, and where. Scroll down to learn more.

|What's happening?

The entire world tweeted most about on 11/09/2022


We took the top 20 global trends from the first week of our data collection and put together time-series data on them to get an idea of how well trends held up throughout the month. Are Twitter trends just quick fads or something more?

Thanks for using our visualization. As you can probably tell, a lot happened in just less than a month. The world is often times excited about some of the same things, even though we're separated by thousands of miles of ocean and lands. It seems as though more unites us than divides us.

Trends seem to blow up all of a sudden for day and then cool back down, showcasing how contagious excitement is, especially when social media can amplify it. But it's also such a volatile thing.

By Hibban Butt, Ashley Lan, and Kelsey Nicholson